Trade-offs and synergies in multi-level fire governance (29 Nov 2023)

Trade-offs and synergies in multi-level fire governance (29 Nov 2023)

People around the world use fire to support small-scale livelihood and cultural practices. In many countries over the past centuries, colonial and post-colonial states have suppressed burning activities, but in recent decades there has been growing interest among state agencies in partnering with fire users for land management. Such engagements are taking place both in countries where fire use is widespread, and in places where fire practices were lost but people now seek to reconnect with fire.

In this online research workshop, we will hear how these partnerships are playing out in different contexts and think about how local aspirations and needs sit alongside, or trade-off against, national and international agendas related to climate, wildfire mitigation, and ecosystem management. Researchers and practitioners with experience and expertise from around the world will share insights about trade-offs and synergies in multi-level fire governance. Subsequent discussion will allow all participants to explore the challenges and possible ways forward.

For more information and to register (for free), please follow this Eventbrite link.

This webinar is brought to you by the Centre’s Fire Governance Working Group