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  • Extreme heat in the UK and wildfires: why we should expect it to happen again

    By Theo Keeping and Olivia Haas On Friday 15th July 2022, the UK Met Office issued its first ever Red Warning for exceptional heat. Over the following two days, temperatures across the UK broke records, reaching 40.3°C in England, 37.1 °C in Wales and 34.8°C in Scotland. The weather drove a sharp response in wildfire […]

  • A Global Perspective on Local Fire Use

    by James Millington (King’s College London)   If you do a Google Scholar search for ‘human’ or ‘anthropogenic’ and ‘landscape fire’ you’ll be returned over 5,000 papers. From this you might conclude that there’s lots of information available to enable a coherent global understanding of human impacts on landscape fire. Surprisingly, that’s not the case, […]

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