Leverhulme Wildfires- FURNACES joint research workshop (19 Apr)

Leverhulme Wildfires- FURNACES joint research workshop (19 Apr)

The goal of the meeting is to promote in-depth discussions with our affiliated project Fire in the Future: interaction with Ecosystems and Society (FURNACES) about synergistic activities and future collaborations. FURNACES is a 3-year German-Austrian collaborative project (2020-2023), which aims to bring together expertise in fire ecology, social ecology, remote sensing, data science and vegetation modelling to better understand the local to global relationships between humans, climate, vegetation and fire. As such there are many parallel activities with ongoing work in Leverhulme Wildfires, most particularly in terms of understanding the drivers of fire regimes, meta-analysis of human-fire relationships and the development of better fire models. The meeting will showcase some ongoing work from both Leverhulme Wildfires and FURNACES to provide a basis for discussions about future collaborative activities.

When:  Tues 19th April, 13:00-17:00 GMT+1

Where: Online (MS Teams)

Download Agenda here

If you are not a member of Leverhulme Wildfires or FURNACES, but are interested in attending this workshop, please contact Adriana Ford at wildfire@imperial.ac.uk