Decolonising Fire Science – Critical Conversations (3rd Aug new date)

Decolonising Fire Science – Critical Conversations (3rd Aug new date)

The Leverhulme Wildfires EDI Working Group is pleased to invite you to the second of a series of planned events and activities on ‘Decolonising Fire Science’.

Title: Decolonising Fire Science: Critical Conversations

Date/Time: Wednesday 3rd August (2-4pm BST)

Format: Hybrid – Teams, and location to be confirmed (Imperial College)

Audience: All Centre members and Affiliates. We encourage members from all disciplines (physical as well as social sciences) to participate, and learn from this introductory event.

Chairs: Abi Croker (virtual) & Adriana Ford

Aim: This workshop will develop upon our previous conversations on how we, as fire scientists, can decolonise our research and methodologies. Decolonising Fire Science: Critical Conversations will provide an open space where we can discuss how to develop and implement a strategic, flexible, and transdisciplinary decolonial research framework at Leverhulme Wildfires that can be applied in our scientific research and methodologies worldwide. In this workshop we will explore questions related to how we can decolonise ourselves, how we can incorporate decolonial principles in our fire-related scientific inquiries, and how the Centre can support this process. As fire scientists at the Centre, the development and meaningful adoption of decolonisation strategies in physical and social scientific research can have far-reaching impacts on the systems, environments, and peoples we are studying. We aim to foster an equitable, diverse, and inclusive global research community and ethos where all voices are heard, all knowledges represented, and all research co-created.

Full agenda to follow.

Other information:  Please aim to read the report from Decolonising Fire Science – An Introduction, prior to attending this workshop if possible as it provides some background which should be useful.