Capability – Economics and Finance


In Economics, we work on the valuation of wildfire impacts, and assess the human, economic, and institutional drivers of wildfire of wildfire occurrence. Our capability in Finance spans the analytics of wildfire risk impact on different asset classes, as well as its evolution along different climate pathways. We also study wildfire risk at the intersection between climate finance and climate mitigation/ adaptation, including the structuring and pricing of carbon based assets such as forestry-linked securities

Who to Contact

If you have general queries about our capabilities and research in this area, please get in touch with our key contact points below.

Dr Yiannis Kountouris (Economics) (CEP, ICL) Email:


Dr Enrico Biffis (Finance) (Imperial Business School):

People working in this area

Dr Yiannis Kountouris (ICL) – Senior Lecturer in Economics and the Environment  – read more
Dr Enrico Biffis (ICL) – Associate Professor of Actuarial Finance – read more

Dr Giuseppe Brandi (Finance) (ICL) – PDRA – incorporating wildfires data and modelling into financial analytics
Dr Kaveh Salehzadeh Nobari (Finance) (ICL) – PDRA- the viability of forestry assets as means of constructing optimal portfolios

Haleema Misal (Economics) (ICL)- PhD student –Quantifying and monetizing the wildfire impact on human welfare
Erika Piroli (Economics/politics) (ICL) – PhD student- Policy and Fires do politicians’ incentives and priorities affect wildfires occurrence?

Leadership Team