Erika Piroli


“you don’t have to prove anything to anyone”

Hi everyone, I am Erika Piroli, and I am part of the Leverhulme wildfire Centre as a PhD student, based at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London. My PhD focuses on exploring the political economics nexus with wildfires and my research interests run between political economics and environmental policy. I graduated in Rome and worked in international contexts such as UN-FAO and the EC-JRC for about 3 years.

As well as in every field, women in STEM often find themselves having to work twice as much to be considered half of their male peers. Because of this, hard work and effort is often taken for granted, undervalued, and even demanded. I am trying to learn self-kindness and not to add further pressure on myself while working for what I believe in. I would like all women to approach this world, which is still not fully accessible to them, with this lightness of thought: you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.


Erika Piroli is a PhD student in the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London

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